stephen garside

Stephen Garside

Freelance Digital Web Developer

A freelance web developer with 20+ years experience in enterprise level software development. Skills include:

  • Web development (html, css, SASS, webpack, ES6 javascript, VueJS, typescript, npm and node)
  • Progressive Web App / PWA development
  • Generative AI and use of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Chatbot development and natural language processing apps
  • 3D web development utilsing WebGL, Web VR and AR using ThreeJS
  • Smart device apps for Google Home and Alexa Voice and Smart displays
  • Server-side business application development utilising c# .net and .net core, MVC
  • Database development including MS SQL, MYSQL and NOSQL
  • ORM's including Entity Framework and Dapper
  • Web APIs, Rest, WCF services
  • Business analysis, AGILE methodology
  • Azure Devops and Google Cloud
  • GIT / Github / BitBucket
  • Cloud services including Serverless functions, app services, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), OpenAI, Redis caching, App insights, Google Maps API
  • Solution architecture and end to end software design

Stephen brings more than just development skills to a project, with a natural ability to innovate, see the bigger picture for a development, and quickly identify and harness the benefits to business of new technology.