Introducing is a website that offers businesses the ability to create their own online virtual reality (VR) tours that run within a browser, offering full VR support via headsets such as Google Cardboard.

Potential customers of 360Jungle can sign up for a free trial of the software, and then take advantage of 3 product offerings at different price points.

Uses for the website include virtual tours of properties, visitor attractions, hotel and caravan lettings etc. Why not try a demo of an online virtual tour or look at other work in our digital web development portfolio.

Techs Used

Web / Browser Based Virtual Reality

The virtual reality engine is built using the excellent ThreeJS WebGL Javascript library, which utilises a technology called WebGL that allows developers to build and embed graphical components into web pages. These components then take advantage of the graphical processing power of the PC or mobile device they run on, leading to some pretty impressive graphical capabilities.

This VR app takes advantage of the device's orientation, which is fed into the software to produce the VR effect depending on which direction the user is looking at the time.

360Jungle also boasts 'gesture' support such as 'stare' or 'look down / look up' to drive certain aspects of the tour such as moving from room to room, or reading an information bubble.


Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis

360Jungle uses the latest digital web techniques to provide real-time voice recognition and speech synthesis in its virtual tours (on supporting devices). Users can move around a tour using just their voice e.g. saying 'go to kitchen' whilst in a property tour will move the user to the kitchen space.  This technique uses built in Chrome speech recognition and custom built code to derive intent from the resulting speech string.

Each tour 'space' can include points of interest (POI) that can be spoken out to the user should they click on or stare at the POI. 360Jungle uses a real-time text to speech api called Vocalware together with some clever caching techniques to output .mp3 files to the browser to offer speech support.


Interactive Bot Feature

360Jungle boasts an impressive and unique 'interact' feature that takes web bots to new level and showcases how users may interact with websites in the future.

'Interact' allows website visitors to view site content through conversation rather than traditional menu driven site navigation. This feature is driven using DialogFlow - the latest in Artificial Intelligence Bot frameworks from Google.

Visitors can chat to the bot called Roxanne and ask her questions about the product, or maybe the latest news or what type of camera is recommended to create virtual tours. Roxanne can reply with just plain text, or pull rich media from the website and present this in the conversation stream for visitors to explore. Roxanne is also written to spot buying signals and will respond with call to actions such as 'would you like to sign up for our free trial' etc.

Why not try out the conversational website interface by asking questions such as 'tell me some news', or 'tell me about your enterprise package'.

360 jungle website