Progressive Web App and PWA DevelopMent

Progressive Web Apps or PWA's are fast becoming the method of choice to create business apps for Android, IOS and Windows mobile and desktop devices. They offer much of the same functionality as a true native app, but without the complexity and cost.  A freelance progressive web app developer will use established web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to create your PWA app, which can then be packaged and submitted to the Google Play, Microsoft and Apple Stores. 

Sg Digital Progressive Web App In Google Play Store

A PWA developer can turn a business website into a mobile app in just a few hours (* subject to requirements), after which visitors / potential customers to your website will be offered the option to install it as an app on their mobile device and even access your content whilst offline! Converting your website to a progressive web app creates an improved experience for potential customers by offering a much faster, app like experience. 

Push Notifications can also be incorporated into progressive web apps, giving your digital marketing team a new channel to push your products and services direct to people who have the app installed.

The key business benefits of progressive web apps include:-

  • Cheaper than 'Native' apps due to a single code base
  • Increase conversion rates with a faster app like experience for your website
  • Improved content interaction as customers can access your content even whilst they are offline
  • Increased brand reach with a presence in all major app stores
  • Reduced software development costs with one set of code for your web and app experience
  • Targeted, timely marketing ability with push notifications
  • Improve your website SEO with an increased Google Lighthouse score 
Freelance Progressive Web App Development From Sg Digital

If you are a business in Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds and the West Yorkshire area in the UK, now has never been a better time to convert your native app or website to a progressive web app with the help of a local freelance progressive web app developer.