4serve Commercial Cleaning Website

www.4serve.co.uk are a West Yorkshire based company that offer a range of commercial cleaning services covering sectors such as leisure, offices, bars / restaurants to name but a few. 

The brief was to replace 4Serve's existing website with a new, fully content managed site that was easy for the business to maintain themselves without developer involvement. 

The site was to be built ground up based on keyword research to best optimise for SEO

Techs Used

A Collaborative, SEO Driven Approach

This project was a collaboration between myself and two associates - Andrew Fox and Marco Macio. My role in the team was to develop the website software and provide search engine optimisation advice as and when required.  Andrew provided the artwork, whilst Marco performed SEO research, produced the site content / structure and tested the site before launch.

Before producing any artwork or software, keyword research was undertaken and consensus reached in the team on the best site structure to maximise traffic potential without compromising user experience.  Once agreed, artwork was then produced before software development took place.

The team took care to ensure the old website was seamlessly migrated to the new website by the use of permanent redirects to limit traffic loss and maintain existing search authority.


The Content Management System

The content management system used for this development is Umbraco, which provides a comprehensive and easy to use back office function that makes ongoing maintenance straight forward without developer input (unless new functionality is required).  This approach to building a website enables businesses to extend their website without incurring extra, ongoing costs.


Patrick Wilson , Managing Director

'Steve worked with two of our associates to produce an excellent new website for our commercial cleaning business - 4Serve. The site has received many compliments from our clients and greatly assisted the image we need to portray to prospective client companies in the pursuit of new business. We are extremely impressed with Steve’s work, both individually and as part of the whole project team and also the highly professional way in which the manages his part of the project. We now intend to move on to producing another new website for our sister company and Steve is a key part of our plans'

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