5 Great Things About Phaser 3 Javascript Game Framework

Image of Stephen Garside Stephen Garside | Fri 31 Jan 20 > 5 min read

Phaser 3 is a 2D javascript gaming framework that utilises the power of webgl to bring gaming to the web.  Games writing can be a great way to get young people into software development and core programming concepts. I personally started out my computing career this way, spending days typing in games listings from magazines on my 1980's MSX computer.   The game below is based on a Phaser 3 tutorial , which I had up and running in just under an hour!

So, from my initial foray into the world of web based games programming, what is it that's good about Phaser 3?

  • The initial barrier to entry is very low.  You will benefit from some basic javascript experience, but Phaser 3 game examples and game writing tutorials are plentiful and well written.
  • Phaser 3 works on desktop PC's via a web browser or bundled as an IOS or Android app using software such as Apache Cordova.
  • Productivity is high - getting quick, visible results is easy with just a few lines of code.
  • 3 core functions handle game control - preload (loading sprites, backgrounds etc), create (setting up the initial game scene) and update (main game routine).
  • Complex problems such as collision detection between game elements, physics and scrolling tilemaps are all well wrapped in easy to use functions e.g.
this.physics.add.collider(this.player, this.platforms);
this.physics.add.overlap(this.player, this.beers, this.collectBeer, null, this);

I have struggled to find anything negative to say about Phaser 3!  If you have juniors in your team who's programming skills you are looking to develop in a fun environment then you won't go far wrong looking at the Phaser 3 gaming framework.



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