Free Umbraco Macros and Plugins for Your Website

Image of Stephen Garside Stephen Garside | Mon 25 Nov 19 > 5 min read

One of the great features of Umbraco is the ability to create macros, which are wrappers for pieces of reusable functionality such as an Image Gallery or Hero Image control.  Content Managers can use these macros to add rich functionality to their websites without having to write a line of code..

Free Image Gallery Umbraco Macro

The first of my free to use Umbraco macros is a picture / image gallery plugin that utilises the popular Fancybox library.  You can try it now by clicking one of the following images to view an enlarged version.

Implementing the Umbraco Image Gallery Macro

You can add this free umbraco picture gallery plugin to your website by following these simple steps:-


Step 1 - Download the Macro Code

Download the free Umbraco image gallery macro from github and save it into the /views/macropartials folder of your website.


Step 2 - Register the Macro in Umbraco

Log in to your Umbraco CMS, select the Developer section and click to create a new macro. Complete the properties for the new macro as shown in the following images (the MVC Partial View field should contain the full path to the macro partial you saved in step 1).

Picture Gallery Macro 1 Picture Gallery Macro 2

Step 3 - Add the Macro to Your Content

Add your picture gallery macro anywhere you like, either in the grid control, or as a data type:-

umbraco image file picker

Step 4 - Adding Images

Once you have added your macro to a grid or datatype, click it and select the images you want to include in the picture gallery:-

picture gallery picker

For each image you want to include in your gallery you have to provide a large and small (thumb) version. Images filenames should use the following naming convention:




Step 5 - Add a Class for Layout

The final step when using this picture gallery macro in your Umbraco website is to add a class name to control the layout of the thumbnails.  I tend to use Bootstrap grid for layout, so  in this case add the relevant class name depending on how many columns I want to display i.e. class 'col-md-3' will give me 4 thumbnails per row.

Free Umbraco Responsive Banner Image Macro

My next free Umbraco macro is for a Responsive Image Banner, which you can download from github.  This macro makes use of the Image Cropper function, producing a simple, full width responsive image that makes use of pre-defined crops named:-

  • Banner_DesktopLarge (1900px x 600px)
  • Banner_Desktop (1024 x 600)
  • Banner_Tablet (768 x 500)
  • Banner_Mobile (320 x 400)

All crops are centered around the crops and hotspot you define e.g:-

Free Umbraco Responsive Image Macro

To use this free umbraco responsive banner macro follow these steps:-

Step 1 - Include the Macro View in Your Project

Download the responsive banner macro file from github and include it in your ~/views/macropartials folder.


Step 2 - Register the Macro in Umbraco

The next step is to register the banner macro in the Umbraco CMS as follows:-

Register Free Umbraco Banner Macro In Cms

Step 3 - Add Parameters for Banner Macro

The third step is to add the relevant parameters to your macro as follows:-

Umbraco Banner Macro Parameters Banner Image

Step 4 - Create Banner Crops

The final step in setting up the Umbraco banner macro is to create the relevant crops.  This is done in the developer section of the backoffice as follows:-

Creating Umbraco Banner Macro Crops

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