How Many Visitors Come To My Website Through Google Image Search

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Many websites, particularly eCommerce, rely heavily on inbound traffic from google image search, but how can Digital Marketers and Webmasters accurately measure image search performance and traffic numbers?

Google Analytics is an obvious choice for data on how many visitors arrive a your website through google image search, but unfortunately image search data is not easily available in this tool.

Google Image Search Traffic Analysis

Analytics FOR Google Image Search Traffic Numbers

Here is how to easily get website traffic volumes for google image search:

  1. Register your website for a Google Search Console account.
  2. Open the Performance report.
  3. Click on the Search Type button.
  4. Select Image Type from the pop up modal window and click Apply.
  5. View traffic volumes and click through rates for your google image search traffic.

Here is how to get Google Image Search traffic volumes and click through rates for your website in a little more detail:


Register for a Google Search Console account

Registering for a Google Search Console account is free to set up and takes around 2 minutes to complete.  You then need to register your website in your Search Console account.


Open Search Console Performance Report

Analytics on how many visitors come to your website via Google Image Search  can be found in the Performance report:

get traffic analytics on google image search in search console


Next click the Search Type button:

And finally, select the Image option and click the Apply button to view your google image search analytics report:


Google Image Search Traffic Volume Report

You will be presented with a report similar to the one pictured here that details how many impressions your website images are achieving in google image search together with image search keywords used and the image search click through rate.  This information is gold dust for image optimisation on your website!

Report On Google Image Search Website Traffic Volumes

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